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Targovishte Popovo Bulgaria Villa and House Property in Baba Tonka, Berkovski, Braknitsa, Buhovsi, Dolets, Drinovo, Gagovo, Gloginka, Goritsa, Ivancha, Kovatchevets, Lozen Strazjitsa, Lyublen Opaka, Marchino, Medovina, Opaka, Palamartsa, Pomoshtitsa, Popovo, Posabina, Sadina, Seyachi, Slavyanovo, Svetlen, Targovishte, Tsar Asen, Voditsa, Zaraevo, Zvezda. For Sale

Price quoted in Euro's are as a guide only all contracts are in Bulgarian LEV.

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0 Bulgarian information:Maps, We have many properties available from 7000 euro's Please e mail on the link below with the area's and type of property that you require details of. *************************************** маунтин ски пропертиз.(Недвижимость) Болгарская информация: Карты, Мы имеем много свойств в наличии от 7000 евро Пожалуйста e почта на связи ниже с областью и тип собственности, из которой Вы требуете деталей. 0Residential
1 For Ski Business and hotels please look at our HOTEL section. Mountain Ski Properties (маунтин ски пропертиз) ------------------------------ Для Лыжного Бизнеса и гостиниц пожалуйста смотрите на нашу секцию ГОСТИНИЦЫ. -------------------------------- Für das Skigeschäft und die Hotels schauen Sie bitte auf unsere HOTEL-Abteilung. ------------------------------- Voor Ski te bekijken de Zaken en de hotels gelieve onze sectie van het HOTEL. 0Residential
3 Buying procedure general information! ****************************************** Покупка общей информации процедуры 0Residential
4 General Ski area information : *************************************** Общая Лыжная информация по области: 0Residential
5 Services Provide in Bulgaria We have a team of lawyers, notary officials, accountants and Builders etc. So we are here to introduce you to as many of them as you need, and to make sure that you are comfortable in your decision to move and invest in Bulgaria. All prices are in Euros and Lev 0Residential
7 Carp, Trout Fishing lakes. Please go to See our Carp lake section 0Residential
20 Zahary Stoyanovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Two Bulgarian Houses For Sale With 4 bedrooms and with 6000 Sq.M. Land from Expat Property Services. 24200Residential
66 Gorsko Ablanovo, Opaka, Targovishte, Bulgaria. A two-storey rural 3 bedroom house built in 1986 in the village. from Expat Property Services. 18000Residential
81 Zvezda, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. A lovely old rundown Bulgarian 3 bedroom house in the village with 1720 sq.m. garden from Expat Property Services. 4200Residential
102 Lyublen, Opaka, Targovishte, Bulgaria . House Bedrooms :3, Bathrooms :1, with 1200m land from Expat Property Services. 5200Residential
104 Slavyanovo, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria . Single storey maintained 3 bedroom house / Bungalow in village from Expat Property Services. 13000Residential
117 Palamartsa, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Bulgarian bungalow for sale is just 10 km away from the town of Popovo. 17600Residential
157 Kozitsa, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Very nice location 3 bedroom house for sale in village from Expat Property Services. 4900Residential
161 Berkovski, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. House 3 Bedroom from Expat Property Services. 5200Residential
165 Palamartsa, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Renovated house in the village from Expat Property Services. 60000Residential
175 Opaka, Targovishte, Bulgaria. house with 1000 m2 of land and nice views from Expat Property Services 37000Residential
188 Gorsko Ablanovo, Opaka, Targovishte, Bulgaria. house 3 bedrooms with view on a hill of a village near town Opaka , from Expat Property Services. 15000Residential
189 Gorsko Ablanovo, Opaka, Targovishte, Bulgaria. house 2 bedrooms is set in the center of this very tidy and well looked after village from Expat Property Services. 13000Residential
190 Gorsko Ablanovo, Opaka, Targovishte, Bulgaria. House 5 bedrooms and The garden is about 2000 m2 of land from Expat Property Services 23000Residential
197 Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. A brick apartment on the fourth top floor is for sale block without a lift in the center of town from Expat Property Services. 42000Residential
198 Zvezda, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. House located in the central part of the village. The yard is 2410 sq.m. from Expat Property Services 6000Residential
199 Seyachi, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Small bungalow from Expat Property Services. 11500Residential
210 Opaka, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Stunning views and house just at the end of the smalltown from Expat Property Services. 17900Residential
217 Lomtsi, Targovishte Province, Bulgaria, house in rural village ready to move into! from Expat Property Services. 23000Residential
218 Marchino, Targovishte Province, Bulgaria, House in a small Balkan-type village surrounded by forests from Expat Property Services. 20500Residential
224 Gorsko Ablanovo, Opaka, Targovishte, Bulgaria . The house is old and ideal for reclamation. Stunning views. The garden has 1000 m2 of land with some fruit trees. The outbuildings are ruins. from Expat Property Services. 3400Residential
227 Voditsa, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. house is very interesting ideal B&B. It looks small from the road, but inside The property has 5 bedrooms or more from Expat Property Services 22000Residential
238 Voditsa, Targovishte, Bulgaria. 3 Bedroom house in village with large garden nearly 1200 m2. from Expat Property Services. 14500Residential
239 Konak, Targovishte, Bulgaria. big house with huge barn in village with 1400 square.m land, from Expat Property Services. 10900Residential
248 Tsar Asen, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. house in village about 20 min drive from Popovo town, 80 km to Veliko Tarnovo, 70 km to Ruse, 170 km to Varna. The village is nice, friendly and quiet from Expat Property Services 12000Residential
250 Pomoshtitsa, Targovishte, Bulgaria. house fully renovated in The village is small and beautiful only 20 min drive to Razgrad town or Popovo town. 65 km to Ruse, 80 km to Veliko Tarnovo, 160 km to Varna from Expat Property Services. 115000Residential
251 Berkovski, Targovishte Province, Bulgaria, Renovated One-Story House only 18 km from Popovo, 70 km from Veliko Tarnovo, 80 km to Ruse and 165 km to Varna from Expat Property Services. 95000Residential
253 Drinovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Hill house for sale in village from Expat Property Services. 14900Residential
254 Lomtsi, Targovishte, Bulgaria. house from Expat Property Services. 35100Residential
256 Goritsa, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. house is two storey with small outbuilding in a garden. Village Goritsa is just 16 km away from Popovo town , 80 km to Veliko Tarnovo and Ruse, 160 km to Varna from Expat Property Services. 11900Residential
257 Sadina, Targovishte, Bulgaria. house for sale with a beautiful view in the village of Sadina, Targovishte region, only 18 km from the city of Popovo, 60 km from Ruse, 160 km from Varna. from Expat Property Services. 7900Residential
259 7854 Goritsa, Bulgaria. house in village Goritsa area Targovishte only 16 km away from Popovo town area Targovishte, 80 km to Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo, 170 km to Varna from Expat Property Services. 5700Residential
265 Medovina, Targovishte, Bulgaria. house is one-storey and brick from Expat Property Services. 26900Residential
266 Palamartsa, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. House 6 room property needs work from Expat Property Services. 14000Residential
270 Slavyanovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. rural house with land 1500 m2 in village only 10 km away from Popovo town, 160 km to Varna, 80 km to Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo from Expat Property Services. 12000Residential
271 Slavyanovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Village House 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 87m², 850 Lot m², from Expat Property Services. 9300Residential
273 Pomoshtitsa, Targovishte, Bulgaria. House For Recreation Or Business from Expat Property Services. 145000Residential
276 Palamartsa, Targovishte, Bulgaria. house with old house and barn has corridor, 4 rooms and bathroom and basement.from Expat Property Services. 19000Residential
277 Posabina, Targovishte, Bulgaria. one storey house for sale in village Posabina, 10 km away from Popovo town area Targovishte, 70 km to Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo, 150 km to Varna airport from Expat Property Services. 12500Residential
279 Konak, Targovishte, Bulgaria. House in a Rural Village spacious garden, measuring approximately 1072m2.from Expat Property Services. 3800Residential
280 Zvezda, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Bungalow 3 bedrooms with 2,100 m land from Expat Property Services. 7500Residential
282 Zvezda, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Old Bulgarian House For Sale In Village from Expat Property Services. 6600Residential
285 Sadina, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Beautiful Rural Bulgarian House In Village + Warehousefrom Expat Property Services. 39000Residential
286 Osikovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. country house, surrounded by a sprawling garden spanning approximately 1400 square meters. from Expat Property Services. 6800Residential
287 Gorsko Ablanovo, Bulgaria, House and land size of approximately 1200 square meters, from Expat Property Services. 9300Residential
288 Voditsa, Targovishte, Bulgaria. House In Village The garden, spanning 904 square meters, is a true oasis of tranquility, filled with lush vines and fruit trees from Expat Property Services. 15800Residential
289 Berkovski, Targovishte, Bulgaria. property two-story house offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and the majestic Stara Planina mountains. With its serene location just 18 km from Popovo town, from Expat Property Services. 38000Residential
291 Sadina, Targovishte, Bulgaria. House with Scenic Views spacious garden, approximately 700 square meters in size, from Expat Property Services. 5100Residential
293 Sadina, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Two Bulgarian Houses With Lovely Views from Expat Property Services. 11000Residential
294 Sadina, Targovishte, Bulgaria. spacious house has great potential renovation. Situated just 18 km from Popovo, 60 km from Ruse, and 160 km from Varna, from Expat Property Services. 4900Residential
295 Tsar Asen, Silistra, Bulgaria. House from Expat Property Services. 67000Residential
296 Konak, Targovishte, Bulgaria. House 4 Bedrooms,6765m² Land from Expat Property Services. 19900Residential
297 Konak, Targovishte, Bulgaria. House with land from Expat Property Services. 5900Residential
298 Konak, Targovishte, Bulgaria. House generously sized property, offering ample space for living, from Expat Property Services. 6900Residential
1010 Sadina, Popovo, Bulgaria. House Nestled at the end of the village, it provides a peaceful and refreshing environment from Expat Property Services. 5000Residential
1033 Sadina, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. Large house 3 Bedrooms and 1 bathroom from Expat Property Services. 8000Residential
1046 Kovachevets, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria . house 2 bedrooms with land 1200m2 from Expat Property Services. 4700Residential
1214 Berkovski Popovo. 4 BED RENOVATED HOUSE with 3000m2 of garden at the front of the house, and a further 1000m2 behind the house, perfect for vegetable growing, from Expat Property Services. 65000Residential
11204 Lomtsi, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. house with lovely views Bedrooms :3, Bathrooms :1, from Expat Property Services. 9000Residential
11557 Aprilovo, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. The house is two storey is set on a small hill with Large garden of about 3100 m2. from Expat Property Services. 28000Residential
16795 Palamartsa, Popovo, Targovishte, Bulgaria. The house is not very old. The first floor is built with stones according to the old Bulgarian style. from Expat Property Services. 12700Residential