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Swiss Residency Rules and Supporting Services we offer Price is negotiable by quotations to your individual requirements: ---------------------------------------- Швейцарские Правила Резиденции и Услуги Поддержки мы запрашиваемая цена являются договорными расценками к Вашим отдельным требованиям:

An all-in-one (or tailored to the specific needs of the client) & time-saving package service that ensure the smooth handling of all aspects of the acquisition process. They include: -Real estate brokering & research (residential and commercial) -Banking services (opening of accounts, financing, investment, family office) -Legal services (residential permits: lump-sum fiscal package, advice and other) -Notary services (transaction process of the property) -Insurance policies (household/commercial, vehicle, health – all of them obligatory in Switzerland) -Fiscal and fiduciary/audit services (declaration of annual taxes) Relocation requirements. Our associates company can assist you in Relocation issues ! Please find below some basic information on the B permits and the way to obtain them: 1. An EU citizen it is easier than for a non EU citizen to obtain such a permit 2. Permits are awarded by the Canton Authorities on behalf of communes in the region of which the applicant is supposed to reside (an address must be given to start the procedure - mail can be sent to this address) 3. The applicant has to complete official forms with a passport photograph and a certificate from his insurance company attesting that you are insured also in Switzerland; you also have to indicate why you are applying for a permit in Switzerland (letter) 4. After a checking and if everything is ok, the negotiations will begin with the tax authorities of the canton; there will be an agreement on an annual amount that the applicant will have to pay to obtain and renew the permit (please note that part takes quite a lot of time) and said agreement is reached by the solicitor in close co-operation with the applicant (credible but acceptable figures needed) 5. The person obtaining a permit is supposed to spend most of the year in Switzerland, but no real controls are undertaken - however, it means that the person is supposed to have left (also taxwise) his country of origin without losing his nationality. 6. The whole procedure takes between 2 and 4 months; anybody can get a permit, but it is rather restrictive. A foreign family non-resident in Switzerland can only buy a private/secondary residence through a company/commercial property that they own, in Geneva in this case. There is no restriction for a COMMERCIAL property. They don’t have to be resident. Meaning, if they buy this property and keep its commercial status, they are not obliged to reside . Once you have the commercial property, you can also buy private residence. A. The down payment is 20% to be paid upon signing the contract and the length of the credit is up to the buyer. It can stretch over a few years (10 or more) or it can be settled in 3 months. The buyer decides how long he wants his debt to last and negotiates it with the bank or the financial institution. Of course, the installment will vary according to the length of the credit. B. Other expenses involved are: Notary fees (which are cantonal fees): 4-5% of the purchase price to be paid on signing the contract. And, insurance (which is obligatory in Switzerland). The insurance company (We will present the client with one- one of the biggest in Switzerland) will valuate the property with the buyer and fix a monthly or 3/6 or yearly amount. We can also provide specialists in tax declaration and legal advice if the client requires so.

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