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General Ski area information : *************************************** Общая Лыжная информация по области:

Vitosha mountain • Aleko ski center - it s situated in the immediate vicinity of Sofia, on the Vitosha Mountain, at 1800m above sea level, on the north-eastern slopes of peak Cherni Vrah (2290 m) which is the highest Vitosha peak. It's Bulgaria's highest ski resort, while being only 22 km distant from Sofia's center. ski facts: - TOTAL SKI RUNS - 29 km - LONGEST SKI RUN - 5 km - OFF-PISTE SKIING - Good - SLOPES EXPOSURE - North, East - HIGHEST SKI POINT - 2290 m - MAX. VERTICAL DROP - 630 m - HEIGHT OF RESORT - 1800 m - DRAGS - 6, CHAIRLIFTS - 4, GONDOLAS - 1 - NAMES OF SKI RUNS - Laleto, Stenata, Zaeka, Spas, Magistralata, Zelenata • Konyarnika Resort • Vetrovala Rila mountain • Borovets ski resort - Borovetz was developed into a modern ski resort of high class with luxury hotels, restaurants, clubs, shops and of course an excellent network of ski runs and lifts along the slopes of the mountain. Borovetz is a resort of Alpine type and provides excellent opportunities for a whole range of winter sports-Alpine sports, cross-country skiing, ski jumps and biathlon. The resorts has twice hosted World Cup Alpine skiing rounds. The ski runs of various difficulty are suitable for anybody even the beginners. The slopes and runs are maintained in perfect condition and are designed with international markings and multilingual signs. ski facts: TOTAL SKI RUNS - 40 km - LONGEST SKI RUN - 6 km - OFF-PISTE SKIING - Good - SLOPES EXPOSURE - North - HIGHEST SKI POINT - 2560 m - MAX. VERTICAL DROP - 1420 m - HEIGHT OF RESORT - 1350 m - DRAGS - 14, CHAIRLIFTS - 3 , GONDOLAS - 1 - NAMES OF SKI RUNS - Yastrebetz, Markodjitzi, Sitnyakovo - ARTIFICIAL SNOW - Yes - NIGHT SKI - Yes • Malyovitsa ski resort - Resort is situated over the peak bearing the same name in North-Western Rila mountain, 92 km far from Sofia and 40 km far from Borovets. There are several ski runs and ski sports infrastructure within the region. The accommodation facilities are not very well developed here. • Panichishte ski resort - The resort is located in the Rila Mountain at 1,400 m above sea level near the town of Separeva Bania. The resort operates all year round. There are Alpine ski-tracks for sleigh contests. • Govedartsi • Semkovo Pirin mountain • Bansko - One of the newest Bulgarian winter resorts, Bansko provides an interesting combination between the virgin nature of Pirin Mountain and the atmosphere of the ancient Bulgarian town. ski facts: - TOTAL SKI RUNS - 56 km - LONGEST SKI RUN - 3.5 km - OFF-PISTE SKIING - Great - SLOPES EXPOSURE - North - HIGHEST SKI POINT - 2560 m - MAX. VERTICAL DROP - 1460 m - HEIGHT OF RESORT - 936 m - DRAGS - 6, CHAIRLIFTS - 5 , GONDOLAS - 1 - NAMES OF SKI RUNS - Todorka, Balkaniada, Shiligarnika, Platoto, Tzurna Mogila, Chalin Valog, Bunderitca - ARTIFICIAL SNOW - Yes - NIGHT SKI - Yes • Dobrinishte - The village is only 6 km south of Bansko • Predela Rhodope mountain • Pamporovo ski resort - Pammporovo is a modern ski resort in the heart of the Rodopa mountain, the mountain of the mythical singer Orpheus. It is the southernmost skiing resort in Europe. It is the sunniest Bulgarian winter resort with wonderful snow throughout the whole season. Pamporovo is situated on 1650 m above the sea level at the foot of peak Snejanka (1926 m). It is 260 km far from Sofia. The ski runs in Pamporovo come in all hardship levels. They are located between 1926 and 1450 m above the sea level on the northern, eastern and western slopes of The Snejanka peak. The major ski runs actually start from the top of the peak. ski facts: - TOTAL SKI RUNS - 17.5 km - LONGEST SKI RUN - 4 km - OFF-PISTE SKIING - Good - SLOPES EXPOSURE - North, East, West - HIGHEST SKI POINT - 1926 m - MAX. VERTICAL DROP - 476 m - HEIGHT OF RESORT - 1650 m - DRAGS - 13, CHAIRLIFTS - 5 , GONDOLAS - 0 - NAMES OF SKI RUNS - Snejanka, Studenetz • Chepelare ski resort -This beautiful town lies at 1150 m of altitude, at 75 km to the South of Plovdiv and 10 km to the North of the resort Pamporovo. Chepelare is a wonderful resort for the ski sport - it has the longest ski run in the region (5200 m) with a double seat chair-lift, a ski school and snowboard. Each family hotel offers a ski-room, and a children’s ski club "Snowman" has specially been opened. Chepelare has its own ski area, Mechi Chal (Bear Peak) located at 1km distance: - for Alpine ski run – 3250 m long, 50 m wide, fall 720m; - for tourist ski run – 5150 m long, 25 m wide, fall 720 m; - for long distance skiing – 3000 m long, 1860 m elevation. • Belmeken Sport Complex • Jundola • Byala Cherkva - Velnigrad • Batak ski resort - "Batak" resort, located in the Western Rhodopi mountain in town of Batak. It is an ideal spot for recreation all the year round. There are 10 000 beds available of every category. Batak ski run, with Alpine ski-run (1200m) and race ski-run (2000 m) is located here. The Alpine ski-run is equipped with three ski-lifts, one of them is auxiliary, 600 m long. Four ski-runs are to be built, tracks for snowboards (half pipes) and for motor sledges and ski-lift which is the most important project of the municipal authorities. The snow blankets lasts from November to April and the view revealing at the top of the ski-lift towards the Batak dam is really magnificent. The fulfilling of the project will turn Batak into one of the modern ski-centres in Bulgaria. • Ski resort Village of Gela • Momchilobci ski resort • Chalet Zdravets • Chalet Prespa • Chalet Svoboda • Chalet Hristo Smirnenski • Chalet Milevi Skali • Chalet Sini Vruh (Blue Peak) • Chalet Vurhovruh • Chalet Persenik Balkan mountain • Beklemeto - is situated 20 km away from the town Trojan. There are several hotels, a restaurant, ski-track, ski tow-lift and a private ski-school during the winter. • Uzana - The resort area 'Uzana'is situated 22 km from Gabrovo and 15 km from the recreation area 'Lulyatsite'. It offers good opportunities for tourism and winter sports. The locality of Uzana is the only place in the central part of the Balkans where favourable conditions for ski-tourism exist. • Ribaritsa - In the place Berkina Mogila near Ribaritza village is situated a ski-track and a tea-room. The ski-track's length is 1000 m. There have a rope line "Pomagalski", a ski room /60 pairs of ski for all age/ and a ski teacher.The ski-track is processed by a ra-track. The tea room is for 80 people. You can enjoy the scene in it while refreshing yourself with warm foods and drinks. • Parshevitsa - Vratsa • Peak Kom - Berkovitza • TD Karandila - Sliven • Chalet Pleven - Peak Botev • Chale Chumerna • Chalet Benkovski - Teteven • Chalet Strajata • Chalet Ray • Chalet Buzludja • Chalet Petrohan Osogovo mountain • Tri Buki - Osogovo mountain Liulin mountain • Bonsovi Poliani - Liulin Mountain Golo Burdo • Golo Bardo - Pernik

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