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Gorsko Ablanovo, Opaka, Targovishte, Bulgaria. A two-storey rural 3 bedroom house built in 1986 in the village. from Expat Property Services.

The house has a large stone wall on the first floor, which is unfinished. It has a large room made of stone. The second floor is reached by external stairs. Upstairs there is a large spacious hallway, kitchen, 3 rooms, and storage that can be done in the bathroom. The house is plastered and maintained. There are outbuildings and vines in the yard. The garden is about 1600 sq.m. The house is suitable for vacations and rest. The property has electricity and water.

Village Gorsko Ablanovo is located 27 km north of the town of Popovo and 55 km south of Ruse. Its land borders the lands of the villages of Garchinovo, Katselovo, Golyamo Gradishte, Karan Varbovka, and Krepcha. The river Cherni Lom flows through the lands of the village. The village is located in the northwestern part of Northeastern Bulgaria on the low hilly extensions of the Eastern Stara Planina – Popovski Heights, 235 m above sea level. Asphalt roads connect the village with the surrounding villages, and bus connections meet the needs of guests and residents. The inhabitants of the village of Gorsko Ablanovo numbered about 681 people.

Price: €18000

Property reference: targovishte_popovo-66

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