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Moscow Apartment Rentals

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Moscow Apartment Holiday Homes to Rent and Hire.

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0 1.We offers a variety of serviced apartments in some of the most popular, central and secure locations in the heart of Moscow – like Tverskaya Street and the Arbat. These locations offer convenient access to business and entertainment life in the city as well as numerous historical sights like Red Square and the Kremlin museums, the Armory, the Diamond Fund, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Tretyakov Galleries and many other points of interest. 0Residential
1 Reservations for Individuals For individual clients The reservation procedure consists of two steps: Please Email your Request for Reservations form to the address below. 0Residential
105 1-room apartment, metro Belorusskaya, metro Mayakovskaya, 5 м/п, 24, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, floor: 3 ************************* Москва 1-к квартира, метро Белорусская, метро Маяковская, 400 м, 1-я Тверская-Ямская, д.24, Цена от: 6100 руб./сутки 122Residential
224 5, Pravdy st.Subway Belorusskaya Moscow. ---------------------------------------- 2-к квартира, метро Белорусская, 5 м/п, Ул. Правды, д.5, этаж: 8, Цена от: 6800 руб./сутки 136Residential
214 Moscow 2-room apartment, metro Smolenskaya, 245м, 5/7, Pryamoy pereulok, *********************************** Москва 2-к квартира, метро Смоленская, метро Баррикадная, 330 м, Прямой пер, д. 5/7, этаж: 2. Цена от: 7100 руб./сутки 142Residential
227 Moscow 2-room apartment, metro Vystavochnaya, 650, Kutuzovskiy prospect, 26, floor: 3, **************************************** Москва 2-к квартира, метро Выставочная, 650 Кутузовский проспект, 26, этаж: 3, Цена от: 7100 руб./сутки 142Residential
223 Moscow 2-room apartment, metro Okhotnyjj ryad, 6, Tverskaya St., ******************************** Москва 2-к квартира, метро Охотный ряд, 450 m, Тверская, 6, этаж: 3, Цена от: 7100 руб./сутки 142Residential
319 Moscow, 2-room apartment, metro Belorusskaya, 310 m, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 28 _________________________ Москва 2-к квартира, метро Белорусская, 310 m 1-ая Тверская-Ямская, 28, Цена от: 8000 руб./сутки 160Residential
312 Moscow,3-room apartment, metro Arbatskaya, metro Smolenskaya, 800 m, Noviy Arbat, 22, _________________________ Москва 3-к квартира, метро Арбатская, метро Смоленская, 800 m Новый Арбат, 22, Цена от: 8000 руб./сутки 160Residential
315 Moscow, 3-room apartment, metro Chekhovskaya, metro Tverskaya, metro Pushkinskaya, 720 m, Malaya Bronnaya, 13, _________________________ Москва 3-к квартира, метро Чеховская, метро Тверская, метро Пушкинская, 720 m Малая Бронная, 13, Цена от: 8300 руб./сутки 166Residential